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Art Class

It was painting day at Ms. Andrews’ art class. All the other little girls and boys were busy painting unicorns, rainbows, robots, and toys when little Johnnie went to Ms. Andrews to pass his work.

“Finished so soon, Johnnie?” asked Ms. Andrews.

The little boy nodded and smiled.

But when Ms. Andrews looked at his work, she saw a blank canvass. Confused, she asked Johnnie: “What did you draw here, kiddo?”

“A horse and a haystack, Ma’am!” he replied cheerfully.

“But there is no haystack here, Johnnie” explained Ms. Andrews.

“The horse ate it,” he plainly explained.

“There is no horse either”, a puzzled Ms. Andrews continued.

Little Johnnie simply explained, “Well, it went away after eating the haystack.”


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