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The Overthinking Camper

Mary and John went on a camping trip for their third anniversary. After a nice, simple dinner by the campfire, they went into their tent to rest. Later that night, John was woken from his slumber by his wife’s whistling. Mary stopped and asked John, “Honey, if you’re really awake. Tell me what you observe”. Mary was an intellectual woman and John was used to hearing philosophical and existential questions from her.

So he replied, “I can feel the cold breeze of wind on my skin, I hear the soft sound of crickets chirping, I smell the sweet scent of wildflowers nearby, and I can see the stars shining brightly above.”

“And do you know why?” asked Mary.

“Because we are human beings gifted with sensibilities that no other living being has,” replied John.

“No,” said Mary. “Somebody stole our tent, honey.”


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