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The Martians

A married couple was abducted by Martians one night. This was an effort on the alien’s part to study the life and behavior of human beings.

Terrified, the couple agreed to help the Martians in any way they can as long as they were to be freed the next day. The Martians agreed. They only had one simple request. They wanted to know how earthlings had s.x.

To conduct the experiment, the earth couple was to exchange partners with the Martians. The male earthling slept with a female Martian while the female earthling slept with the male Martian.

When it was time for the male Martian to have s.x with the wife, she looked a bit disappointed. This was because the penis of the Martian was very small.

“That is no problem,” said the Martian. He slapped his forehead and his penis lengthened until it was of an impressive length. The wife was amazed.

“But it still looks very thin,” she said.

“That’s not a problem, either,” said the Martian. He then pulled his ears. With each pull, his penis widened until it was of exciting proportions to the wife.

With everything at the proper size, they continued to have wild s.x for the night. The
morning after, the wife greeted her husband with a smile on her face and asked how his night was.

“It was terrible,” he said. “She slapped my head and kept pulling my ears all night. She was so frustrating.”


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