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The Drunk Father

A lone man was enjoying a good pint of ale at the bar when a drunk barges in. He swaggered all the way to the bartender where the lonesome man was enjoying his beer and made a declaration.

“Your mother is the best sex in town!” He yelled. This roused the people at the bar and everyone turned their heads to the lonesome drinker, expecting him to retaliate and start a brawl. The drinker paid no mind to the drunk and continued enjoying his beer.

The drunk then crept to the far side of the bar to get more alcohol. Ten minutes later, the drunk got up to his feet and approached the lone drinker once more.

“I just had sex with your mom!” He said with wanton disregard for the people watching them. Again, the people anxiously waited for trouble to start, but the lone drinker kept to himself and his beer. This caused the drunk to slink back into his corner.

After another ten minutes, the drunk got up again and approached the lone drinker. “She liked it!” He screamed. This time the bar wasn’t so eager to see what would happen; but this time the lone drinker put his glass down and finally spoke.

“Go home dad, you’re drunk.”


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