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Need a Lift?

Mr. Jones is attending a medical conference at London. He goes to reception and finds out from the receptionist that his room is on the fourteenth floor of the building. Exhausted from his long flight from New York City, he immediately proceeds to the elevator.

There, he is greeted by the jolly elevator attendant with a huge smile. “Good day, Sir. Need a lift?”

“Lift?” Mr. Jones asked in amusement.

“Indeed, Sir,” replied the man.

“You mean elevator?” Mr. Jones asked smiling.

The elevator attendant responded, “Well yes, Sir. But here, we call it a lift.”

“You really should call it an elevator, you know? Because as it was invented in our country, it’s called that way,” Mr. Jones quipped.

The good attendance gave him a cheeky response, “I hear you, Sir. But as the language was invented here, it’s called a lift.”


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