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Deserted Island

3 guys go on a deserted island. They go looking around and find a cannibal. The cannibal says, “I’ll spare your lives if you do 2 tasks. The first is you must get 10 of the same fruit.”

The first guy brings 10 grapes with pits in them. Then the guy says, “OK. What is my second task?” 

The cannibal says, “You must shove them up your butt without any emotion.” The first guy puts 4 up his butt and then groans, so the cannibal kills him. 

The second guy brings 10 cherries. The cannibal tells him the second task and the second guy stuffs 9 up his butt and then laughs. He gets killed. Then up in heaven the first guy asks the second guy why he laughed because he was so close. The second guy says because I saw the third guy coming with 10 pineapples!


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