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A man walks into a dentist office and starts to complain: “Doctor, doctor! My life is in shambles! My alcoholism has lead me and my wife to divorce and because of that I don’t get to see my children anymore! I have no money to my name because my now-ex-wife took it all and I’m forced to live in a small, broken down apartment. I got fired from my job because I couldn’t find the motivation to work on account of my depression. I barely have the energy to wake up in the morning and when I do, I can’t seem to find happiness in anything. And, on top of all of that, I think I’ve turned into a moth!”
The dentist looks the man up and down and rubs his chin. “I’m sorry, sir, it sounds like you’ve had a rough life, but this is a dentist’s office. Why did you come here?”
The man points up and replies, “oh. The light was on.”


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