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5 Reasons You Need A Remote Customer Support Team

During the interview process, share what excites you about the position and talk about how your priorities match the hiring company’s values. Use tangible examples of how you have solved real-life problems — even if they didn’t take place in a work setting. The more comfortable and confident you are with what you offer as a professional, the more likely you are to find your dream job. Working in customer service no longer means sitting in a cubicle. You don’t have to drive to an office park or commute 90 minutes on a train every day. Customer service professionals can let go of that daily grind and still get ahead. Over the last few months, a lot of companies — startups, multinational corporations, and small businesses alike — made the move to remote work.

Why Remote Customer Service Is Popular

Often, the concept of respect is lost in the sea of other priorities within a business. Managers have targets to meet, KPIs to track, and superiors they need to report to.

Performance Monitoring Tools Are The Remote Managers Best Friend

Because of this increasingly popular trend, some refuse to accept an onsite position, knowing they can find a more convenient and flexible gig elsewhere. The transition to managing a remote workforce might be daunting, but with the right tech and hardworking employees, it can be a seamless process. Remote work can also help prevent the spread of illness, helping companies avoid lost productivity and protecting public health.

With those kinds of numbers, it’s easy to see why more people are switching to video calls than making phone calls. Fara Haron is the CEO North America, Ireland and Southeast Asia & EVP Global Clients at Majorel. This means respect towards other employees and respect towards customers. Respect always starts at the top, with the managers and leaders within a company. When employees feel respected, they’re more likely to pay that respect forward. In a conventional office setting, it’s easier to build rapport and establish relationships with co-workers. There are clear advantages to working in an office where you enjoy your colleagues’ company, but it can also prove to be distracting for employees when you want to focus on getting the job done.

Whether it be once a week or once a month, block off some time to check in with everyone and listen to what they have to say. Whether it’s just them updating them on how their work week has been, or letting them bounce some ideas off you, having time to talk individually can go a long way. While hiring the right people is a great first step to this, you still need to make sure everyone is on the same page. From the start, you have to be clear with what you expect of your employees. Making sure you’re in the know with all the best coaching tips and technologies cannot be emphasized enough. No matter how experienced an employee may be, chances are they will have a question or need some coaching at one point or another. Remote workers are generally happier, and save your company money.

Building A Successful Remote Customer Service Team

Then understand the steps to take when troubleshooting problems, and feel comfortable reaching out to those they believe can help. Online workspaces can also help your team prepare, giving them access to key information that they’ll need to assist customers. This won’t surprise anyone, but we use Groove as our customer service software. Open communication is a must, especially when you don’t have an office where you can easily share questions and feedback. A good customer service professional can be based just about anywhere in the world and respond to any customer within a day.

Why Remote Customer Service Is Popular

For example, the outbreak of COVID-19 prompted many employers to shift to a remote work model for all employees possible in a bid to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Many employers believed their workforce would be too easily distracted at home, where their managers couldn’t keep an eye on their direct reports. When customers call into a service provider, more often it’s not because they just want to let the company know how thrilled they are with them. It’s because they need some type of professional guidance in either making a purchase, clarifying questions, or fixing an issue. Working remotely does wonders for evening out the balancing act between putting equal time into work and home life because they’re all happening in the same place.

Customer Service Representative

In a role with no promised paycheck, where you’re responsible for doing enough work to get paid each month, productivity isn’t really an option. Knowledge sharing is one of the major issues when it comes to remote work. Simply because there is a lack of traceability in interactions among employees. There is also a potential of losing the gained knowledge, as well as the time when explaining the workflow to the new experts. Before 2020, only a few companies across the globe had remote workbest practices in place where they were used to allowing team members to work from home for a certain period of time regularly.

  • The new age and tech revolution bring us the possibility to work within a more flexible, adaptable, and cost-effective working environment.
  • Live video feeds help out-of-office workers see and speak to one another in real-time, anywhere with an internet connection, which is the next best thing to a face-to-face meeting.
  • The same study showed that this system is ideal for customer service agents, too, as email was the most-used digital communication tool, preferred 47% of the time.
  • Alternatively, protect your sensitive details with an MDM policy and ensure to update it regularly.
  • Reward hard work by setting clear key performance indicators with each member of the team, allowing them to focus on important tasks, reach their personal goals and move up through the business.

The detachment of the interaction can make it more difficult to build a connection with the customer and reach a mutual solution. While the loss of a commute doesn’t sound like the world’s greatest benefit, it can save you lots of time and money in the long run. The average American spends 200 hours a year commuting to and from work every day. Since the majority of this role takes place through phone communication, being comfortable speaking to strangers in this manner is a must. Their role consists of identifying the reasons for a customer’s call and assisting them in whatever manner necessary. This could include things like placing an order for them, answering a product question, or solving a billing issue.

And don’t assume you’ll be working exclusively over the phone. You may also need to troubleshoot issues using a computer to share screens remotely or chat online. But hiring remotely gives companies hundreds of agents, with very little wait time, no matter when they need assistance. Modern brands need to know–and prepare their teams for–the changing landscape of customer support. Here, Gladly shares the top 5 customer support trends to watch in 2022. Job where you can use your people skills while working from home, one of these jobs could be the right fit for you. Fast Company predicts that remote work software, like mobile work tools and virtual reality conferencing, will become the preferred form of communication – even over face-to-face meetings.

Provide 24

Gartner, 76% of customer service and support functions have 80% to 100% of their staff working from home. 89% of service leaders forecast 30% to 80% of their workforce will still be working from home two years from now. Working remotely means you have endless options about where and how to live. Nomad List connects you to a community of people and tools that can help you find your way, no matter whether you want to stay in one spot or travel the world. Their website covers everything from cool cities to flights and local meetups. Request a demo or reach out to us to learn more about how Cleverly can help you help your remote team.

Words are powerful and they can create trusting relationships with your customers. For example, instead of saying “don’t hit the red button” say “the green button is the best option.” The future tense is also positive as it doesn’t dwell on the customer’s past issues. ” and “I’d love to understand more about …” can keep the customer in the present moment. Also, remember when speaking to customers to make sure you’re authentic, positive, memorable, and to stay calm and positive, even if the customer is angry. When you’re providing visual customer service, the customer should not have to download and install a complicated piece of software or app. It should be as easy as clicking a button, which is why we developed Blitzz to be as easy as possible for both the operator and the customer. And if you want to give Blitzz a test drive, we made the trial super easy to get as well, just click here.


To ensure that online customer contact runs smoothly, companies must place value on the most important aspects. Poor customer service is costing businesses $75 billion a year. 86 percent of people say they will gladly pay more for better customer services. Your customer services can either make or break your business. This can be tied back to the point we made earlier about getting good equipment and tools for your staff. Having a reliable VoIP or remote call center provider can help reduce these answer times. A Gallup study report that remote workers actually work four more hours than people who work on-site.

Customers may come to you with all types of problems and they want their questions answers fast. If you don’t know how to properly implement a service ticket, you’ll be wasting their valuable time. Before interacting with customers, https://remotemode.net/ you should fully understand how to use your live chat and ticketing system and learn to type fast. Read our tips for honing your customer service skills and developing your career as a great customer service representative.

  • If you’re hoping to find a job where you can use your people skills while working from home, one of these jobs could be the right fit for you.
  • For example, automated chatbots can help customers get answers to simple questions while representatives focus on servicing customers who have more complex issues.
  • And most important of all, your customers will enjoy a first-rate service without any exception.

Cloud computing offers uniform access to all and makes it easy to back up and restore data. Higher stress levels in customers since many have had their work hours cut and struggling to maintain their usual payments. Remote work is the new normal, and 85% of managers support this statement. SMS can prove even more powerful, too, and act as an instant alert service for workers. Through SMS alerts, key information can quickly be distributed to every relevant person, a link to further information can be included, and your team will always be kept in the loop. One 2019 studyfinds that 99% of respondents would like to work remotely at least part-time. Also helpful are collision detection features, which show your team members any other employees that might be working on the ticket they’re viewing.

How To Prevent Hr Analytics From Becoming A Management Fad

All you need to get started is a computer, headset, and an internet connection. Improve your offering and develop new products or services that are user friendly. Recruitment and hiring have a few key points in common with sales processes… Staffing agencies can take charge of the end-to-end recruitment process – their employees will be sourcing candidates, perform screenings and interviews, schedule additional calls with Hiring Managers.

Why Remote Customer Service Is Popular

Unfortunately, I did experience embezzlement by my top agency players back in the day. But throughout the years, I’ve developed a system that allows me to lead my customer representatives in a way that complements my brand’s content marketing efforts.

While you shouldn’t be taking extended breaks to watch a new Netflix season while working remotely, using short breaks from work to gather your thoughts can be helpful to your performance. While working hours traditionally take place within the strict confines of a company location, this schedule might not be the best option for maintaining a satisfying work/life balance. They usually communicate with tech-troubled customers over the phone, but they’ve also been known to work through virtual chats as well.

Why Great Customer Service Is So Important For  Customer Service Team Managers

So, if you want to a deliver world class service, customer service software is critical. By storing information in one easily-accessible place, the knowledge base gives your team the answers they need right there and then. You could use a private wiki for this type of knowledge share or create your own internal customer service what is remote customer service knowledge base. To really get the best use from your knowledge base, encourage your staff to update it and add answers on an ongoing basis. Before the onset of COVID-19, many call centers around the world operated in an in-person environment because of the normal expectations within the customer service industry.

There are many benefits to keeping a tidy workspace when your job is remote, such as being prepared for the unexpected video chat or avoiding getting overwhelmed with a mess. Keeping a clean space organizes your work and boldens the boundary between your professional and personal life.


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