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Reasons Why Beer Is Better Than Women

A frigid beer is a good beer.

After a beer, the bottle is still worth a nickel.

All you have to do to get head is undo the top and turn it upside down.

Beer can is worth something after you’ve had it.

Beer doesn’t bother about foreplay.

Beer doesn’t care what position your in.

Beer doesn’t care when you come.

Beer doesn’t cry if you don’t talk to it for a week.

Beer doesn’t get jealous when you grab another beer.

Beer labels peel off without a fight.

Beer never talks back.

Beer won’t get pregnant.

Beer won’t mind if you fart after you’ve had it.

Beers don’t get fat.

Beers improve with age.

When you open a beer you know your the first and only one to have it.

You can have a Beer in public.

You can have more than one beer a night and not feel guilty about it.

You can share a beer with a friend and it doesn’t care.


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