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The Bad News First

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Doctor: “I have some good news and some bad news, which shall I tell first?”

Patient: “Uhhh, well, give me the bad news first.” 

Doctor: “You only have one week left to live.” 

Patient: “Oh no! What good news can you possibly tell me now?” 

Doctor: “Well, you know that really hot-looking nurse who just came in here? I’m taking her out to dinner tonight, and who knows where the night will end!”

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99 shares, -28 points


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  1. The Doctor says “I have bad news and I have worse news, which do you want first?” The man says “Give me the bad news.” The Doctor says “You only have 1 week left to live.” The man says “That’s the bad news? What could possibly be worse than that?” The Doctor says “Well, I tried to call you last week, but nobody was home.”

  2. doc says I have good and bad news ,bad news is you have to have your legs amputated,good news is bloke in next bed says he will buy your slippers