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Shaft Sizes

Long baffled by the mystery of the penis, the British begun a thorough research movement to figure out why the head of the penis was always bigger than the shaft.

This took almost 3 million euros and took over 3 years to complete.

When they released their research, they have found that the reason the head is bigger than the shaft because it gives more pleasure to the male during sex.

The French were quite skeptic about these findings so they thought to conduct a more thorough investigation. Using more than 5 million euros and taking more than 5 years to complete, they came out with more surprising findings.

According to the French, the reason a man’s penis head is larger than his shaft is because it brings more pleasure to the female during sex.

These findings startled the Australians who had very little trust in both the British and the French. This caused them to form their own research team.

After 500 euros (spent in beer) consumed in heated debate that took for five hours, the Australians believed to have come to a non-sober conclusion.

They believed that the head of the penis is bigger than the shaft is to keep a man’s hand from hitting his face after masturbation.


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