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I Sure Did!

A young man who was about to have s.x went to the drugstore to buy some condoms. It was his first time and he was rather anxious about it.

Luckily, the beautiful attendant at the cashier noticed and made sure the boy knew what he was doing.

“Do you know how to put it on?” She asked. The young man nodded and said it was his first time. The kind lady took it out and put the condom on her thumb to show the young man how to put it on.

Not convinced that the young man was prepared, she pulled him into the back room of the store for a more private lesson. She unbuttoned her blouse and asked him if it turned him on. The young man nodded with his mouth wide open.

“Good. Now put on the condom like I showed you,” the woman said. The man followed her to the letter. When he was ready, the lady pulled down her skirt and underwear and ushered him to make love to her.

After the man finished, the lady asked, “Did you put on the condom like you were supposed to?”

The young man, proud as he was, raised both his thumbs with condoms around them. “I sure did!”


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