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45 Years Ago

After 45 years of marriage, I looked at my wife carefully and said to her, “Darling, 45 years ago we had a cheap car, a cheap apartment, slept on a sofa bed, watched a small black and white television, but I got to sleep with a gorgeous 21-year-old girl every night. Today, I have $1 million house, Ferrari, huge king-sized bed, plasma screen hi-definition television but am sleeping with a 66-year-old woman.” 

My wife, being the reasonable woman that she is, told me to go out and find a 21-year-old gorgeous girl and she would make certain that I once again would be driving a cheap car, living in a cheap apartment, sleeping on a sofa bed and watching a tiny black and white television. Don’t you just love older women – they really know how to express themselves! 


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