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Plus, Paystand announces new features; Wolters Kluwer’s TeamMate+ authorized for federal use; and other accounting technology news. The service decided to destroy the documents in March 2021 because of its inability to process its backlog of paper tax returns, according to a new report. Credit Karma, the consumer technology platform that provides spend and save solutions, has a new integration with Intuit’s software. Credit Karma Money now interfaces with QuickBooks Online Payroll.

Your old system will merely stop taking taxes out and you can not upgrade your tax information. They just stop supporting you as a customer. You will spend endless hours on the phone with someone in the Philippines trying to figure what happened and them trying to sell you upgrades.

Today my bank informed me that I can’t upload my transaction into QB 2008 PRO because they don’t support it any more. In general QB is a bad software taling too much PC resourses for almost nothing. Also when we buy software Intuit doesn’t tell us that it is for limited period of time. We don’t buy right to use we buy software that MUST work as long as we need. Also they started to order banks to stop service on old versions – it is absolutely illegal.

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In order to get the license for 2010 – I was going to need to pony up another $70. So, I had to spend 2 hours of my life installing QB 2011 and upgrading a few files – just to spite the blood sucking devil ass vampire bastards. Accurate church accounting software will track the income and expenses as well as run balances on assets, liabilities, and equity accounts by fund.

  • The software can break out on a report just the transactions that affect the Youth Fund.
  • The program still takes more than 3 minutes to open.
  • BTW you can easily find out your payroll taxes here.
  • Like the free Edition of TurboTax, the Quickbooks free trial comes with one potential drawback.
  • I received an automatic renewal price of $1,050 that they are going to charge to my credit card.

I have used quickbooks since 1995 and have never once had a satisfactory experience dealing with them, i might even change to sage the next time i have to buy something from them. Choose Sage instead and save yourself some headaches. Very annoyed, purchased an upgrade to QB 2009 in September, purchased a new laptop last month which runs on Windows 7. Ran into a couple of problems (not to be unexpected, a new version of QB – a new OS), called for help, QB teck told me there is and will be no support for QB2009 in Windows 7. For support in windows 7 my 3 month old version would have to be upgraded to QB2010 !! My first version of QB was in 1997, and I used Intuit before that.

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These are awesome comments, thank you for keeping alive their work in progress. Yes, I sent two notes to cancel, so that I could be sure that my unwanted subscription was truly canceled. If you choose to buy, you may get a better price than the purchase price after the free trial ends.

I understand if they stop supporting older versions, but they sold the product with certain features. How can they legally remove the features, I paid for the product with those features in it . I assume they had this in their fine print that they can disable features at any time for any reason to force us to upgrade? Sounds like some lawyers need to look at this. Intuit…you are not the only game in town, and if you want continue to treat businesses and customers like this, you will continue to lose market share and customer loyalty. Note to Intuit support staff – notice we did not just rant about poor customer service…we suggested solutions to help people. We’re not about helping ourselves to people’s finances, we deliver quality services and solid customer experiences.

quickbooks meme

Right now there is Netsuite, Accountants World’s Accounting Relief, Working Point and others. These solutions allow small business owners to work from anywhere and https://quickbooks-payroll.org/ have anytime access to their data. Today I received an email from Intuit telling me that they have acquired an online payroll service I use called Paycycle.

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Wow, people are still commenting on this post. I have to work with qb in a production environment. The company isn’t too big with about six people using quickbooks. Let me just quickbooks meme say the word “nightmare” hardly begins to describe my experience with qb. Crashes, lock outs, updates that break things, weirdness that defines description and on and on.

quickbooks meme

As soon as you do they plant the BOMB in your system and when the new year rolls around your Intuit will stop functioning. I know every time you use the PR function they ask you to UPDATE your PR files it is hard to not do it cause you feel you paid for it. The problem is that you will not get any updates but rather allow them to steal data, plant BOMBS and or make your QB not working. I am leaving QB after 15 years and will go to other programs. I will get back to you and let you know what program I have decided on fopr future use. Thanks for listening and for you who still wants to use the QB bend over and then good luck to you.

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While they do allow numbers entered against revenue and expense accounts, they don’t allow numbers to get entered against a fund and an account. In other words, you would need at least a two-tier categorization for budgeting by the fund. The two levels would be the account and the fund itself. Because Quickbooks doesn’t have the ability to budget a line item by each fund. A budget is what we like to call a future projection report. You create a budget, typically before you actually spend the money.

There are conversations happening on the site about almost everything, including what’s going on in cities all over the world. Most cities—and even some small towns—have a community on Reddit, called a subreddit, where users talk about local issues. The licensing, maintenance and support costs add up quickly. We’ve done the math and will show you how you can save thousands by moving to a private server on Swizznet. Citrix and NetApp are the secret sauce to a great user experience in the cloud!

  • I will work with our Customer Service team to get this issue resolved promptly.
  • Shawn – I can’t argue with anything you’ve said.
  • I have no idea how many other folks have experienced this but it’s abhorrent that a company like Intuit can put out a product that is a dream for embezzlers and the newbies/incompetent alike.
  • Didn’t like that but we went ahead and sent everything back.
  • This fund break down in turn, provides reports by each fund that follows FASB guidelines.

For small business owners, there’s nothing better than having all of their payments, accounting and payroll organized and cared for. Never lose time waiting for a sluggish server to load. We use best-in-class hardware and patented MIRO Technology™ to provide you with an always-ready, fast and reliable QuickBooks cloud hosting accounting platform. We leverage the power of Azure, INAP and Google for our Sage hosting, tax hosting and private cloud servers. The asset, liability, and equity account types carry balances. These balances go up and down based on transactions entered.

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If I treated my customers like this, I would not have many customers. I work in software development and I have never dealt with a worse product nor company in my life.

quickbooks meme

Another alternative is Gnucash although it’s lacking some features. Finally, if you need something new then get Sage 50 or something in the Sage family. Keep in mind – 95% of QB user base are small business owners who run their business and don’t spend much time on the web so they’ll never realize that QB is giving them the shaft. QB will try damage control by commenting in the forums and replies, but they know what type of shady business practices they engage in and have weighed the risk of disgruntled users on the web. Damage control with shady business practices are more profitable than not screwing your user base.

I think its a great program, and you can’t beat the price, but they are really starting to bleed us dry. Now that Microsoft money is gone, they’re going crazy. Quickbooks FAQ screenshot.Why does Quickbooks work for business accounting? Businesses don’t need their chart of accounts broken into funds, unlike churches. Churches must have their reporting broken down because of donor imposed restrictions so they can show accountability to the purpose which the donation was collected for. In essence, church accounting is conceptually more difficult than for profit accounting in this regard. I don’t understand how legally a company can remove critical features from a product which I paid for.

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I agree with the original author of this post. Include an upgrade disk that will upgrade the file for the new version. How many people are using old versions of Quickbooks still. I see they remove the column that shows the VAT for each item. These clowns keep placing Intuit transactions from Turbo Tax and Quicken on my checking acct. I have never done business with these companies.


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