What a Day I Have Had

A man sits in a bar just staring at his drink for about twenty minutes. A big guy comes up to him, takes his drink and drinks it down in one. The man starts to cry. The big guy tells him not to cry as he was only messing about and offers to replace his drink.

“That’s not the problem” said the man, “What a day I have had. Started off, the alarm didn’t go off, so I was late for work and got sacked. Going back to my car, it wasn’t there – someone had nicked it. When I got home, I realized that I must have dropped my wallet on the bus – all my money – gone. I then go upstairs to find a note from my wife on the bed saying that she’s left me. And, just when I think about killing myself, you come along and drink my cyanide!” 

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  1. Hey guys, stop trying to be judge and jury here, OK?? This was a joke and was meant to be funny. Nothing more. If you don’t see the humor (or irony) in this joke, just move on to the next one. Maybe you will find it to be more of what you DO consider funny………………………..JW

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